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As of October 1, we are going to enable 2FA to all accounts in this Gitlab instance. However, it is recommended to enable it as soon as possible to guarantee the security of your account. You can do it by following the instructions in the link.


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Add note for LFS

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......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ Both define basically the same pipeline, consisting of the following stages and
* Check Markdown syntax
* Check files have no trailing whitespace and are UTF-8 encoded
It is important to note that both images set the variable `GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE`, which means that when the repositories are cloned/fetched, the files hosted using Git LFS will not be downloaded. An example on how to explicitely fetch the files from LFS can be found in the https://git.code.tecnalia.com/tecnalia_robotics/common_config/blob/e93dbe6379d94e6a895a33c59bf17ccab26eacf9/.gitlab-ci.yml#L132[common_config repository].
== Custom `rosdep` definitions
Custom `rosdep` definitions for the packages hosted in our internal debian repository are declared in link:rosdistro/rosdep_tecnalia.yaml[].
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