Commit 0cba1e96 authored by Prada Sarasola, Miguel's avatar Prada Sarasola, Miguel
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Require Dockerfile and shellcheck jobs to succeed

YAML is still allowed to fail because there's a pending problem in our custom
rosdep definition file.
parent 828e137f
image: koalaman/shellcheck-alpine
script: 'shellcheck deploy/base/ros_entrypoint.bash scripts/*sh'
allow_failure: yes
# The ignored rules in hadolint checks are
# DL3006 Always tag the version of an image explicitly
......@@ -17,7 +16,6 @@ dockerfiles:
- hadolint --ignore DL3006 --ignore DL3008 deploy/base/Dockerfile || RET=1
- hadolint --ignore DL3006 --ignore DL3008 deploy/dev/Dockerfile || RET=1
- exit $RET
allow_failure: yes
image: sdesbure/yamllint
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