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# Public repository of the URBANITE EU project.
## Project description
Decision making in the urban transformation field using disruptive technologies and a participatory approach.
URBANITE solution consists of a reference architecture and the implementation of a set of generic components for urban mobility that can be adaptable to the context and needs of each city or region.
The URBANITE solution provides:
* A **Data Management Platform** supporting the entire processing chain from collecting, aggregating, provisioning to using the data.
* A **Decision-Support System** including (AI based) predictive algorithms and simulation models for mobility that support the decision–making process by analyzing the current situation, the trends that occurred in a certain timeframe and allowing to predict future situations, when changing one or more variables.
* A **Social Policy Lab** built upon two pillars: 1) co-creation sessions, both for the policy-related aspects and the design of the platform and 2) the empirical analysis on trust, attitude, impact, benefits and risks of the stakeholders in the use of URBANITE’s disruptive technologies
Funded under H2020.GA #870338
Web: www.urbanite-project.eu
## Components
The components developed at the moment of writing (M15) are:
- DATA STORAGE (+ Presto )
- HARVESTER (+scheduler, +transformer)
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