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= GitLab Templates
This repository contains miscellaneous resources that need to be accessible without authentication.
== GitLab CI templates
Two templates with default CI pipeline configurations are provided, for any repo to make use of:
- `.gitlab-industrial-ci-kinetic-no-rosinstall.yml`
- `.gitlab-industrial-ci-kinetic-with-rosinstall.yml`
Both define basically the same pipeline, consisting of the following stages and jobs:
- Stage: `precheck`
* Check python syntax
- Stage: `build`
* Run `industrial_ci`
** Uses `flexbotics-base-devel` as a starting image
** Runs link:scripts/[] in the `BEFORE_SCRIPT` stage, which in turn finds and runs every `ci_entry_script.bash` script found in the source tree (target repo + repos from `.rosinstall`)
* Only when tags are pushed:
** Run some cleanup in the `industrial_ci` context (e.g. delete sources)
** Commit image used by `industrial_ci`
** Build deployment image on top of it and push it to our registry
- Stage: `postcheck` (jobs in this stage are allowed to fail)
* Check `bash`/`sh` script syntax
* Check Markdown syntax
* Check files have no trailing whitespace and are UTF-8 encoded
== Custom `rosdep` definitions
Custom `rosdep` definitions for the packages hosted in our internal debian repository are declared in link:rosdistro/rosdep_tecnalia.yaml[].
== Deployment image build resources
Resources required for building the deployment docker images are also hosted in this repository.
This basically boils down to:
- link:scripts/pre-deploy-cleanup.bash[] is run in the `industrial_ci` container before commiting to an image
- link:deploy/Dockerfile[] is used to perform some additional cleanup and install link:deploy/ros_entrypoint.bash[] as entrypoint script on top of the `industrial_ci` image
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