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# Tecnalia smartdatalab ca
## Objective
This is an **autogenerated** ca for tecnalia internal use, the purpose is to avoid disgusting security screens in our systems and projects. We will use this ca to sign certificates for our internal systems, so that we avoid security warnings and we could enable internal trust relationships.
## How to create certificates based on it
To create certificates based on it for the moment we have to do manually, to do so you can use the private key stored in the private repository
## How to install the certificate
The instalation of the certificate depends both on the operating system and in some cases on the specific application. There are some applications, such as firefox, that does not relay in the operating system certificates repository to validate incoming certificates.
### Windows
In windows we can use the cmd or powershell.
#### cmd
To enter into the cmd, press windows key + r, write cmd, and press enter. That will open the cmd console. Write the following commands to install this certificate.
set CA_FILE_PATH=%TEMP%ca.crt.pem
echo download ca
powershell -command "$cli = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $cli.DownloadFile('%CA_RAW_URL%', '%CA_FILE_PATH%')"
echo add ca to the certificate store
certutil -addstore -user -f "Root" "%CA_FILE_PATH%"
### Linux
To be provided
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