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# Vagrant install
the purpose of this repo is to contain the resources required to install the experimentation environment in a windows10 host based on virtualbox without HyperV.
- Administrative requirements will be required to install virtualbox
echo create a folder to contain the experiments
echo choose a drive with enough space 15GB more or less
set ENV_DIR=D:\W\2020-CursoDocker
mkdir %ENV_DIR%
cd \d %ENV_DIR%
echo create a dir to contain all the installers
mkdir %ENV_DIR%\downloads
cd /d %ENV_DIR%\downloads
echo download Cygwin
set DOWNLOAD_URL=https://cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe
powershell -Command "Invoke-WebRequest %DOWNLOAD_URL% -OutFile %ENV_DIR%\downloads\setup-x86_64.exe"
echo install Cygwin
cd /d %ENV_DIR%\downloads
set packages=rsync,zip,unzip,wget,curl,openssh,openssl,xmlstarlet,jq,bind-utils,ping,inetutils,git,mysql,p7zip,procps-ng,sshpass
setup-x86_64.exe --no-admin --quiet-mode --no-startmenu --no-desktop --no-shortcuts --force-current --local-package-dir "%ENV_DIR%\downloads" --root "%ENV_DIR%\cygwin64" --site "http://cygwin.mirror.constant.com/" --packages %packages%
echo download virtual box
cd /d %ENV_DIR%\downloads
set DOWNLOAD_URL=https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/6.1.0/VirtualBox-6.1.0-135406-Win.exe
powershell -Command "Invoke-WebRequest %DOWNLOAD_URL% -OutFile %ENV_DIR%\downloads\VirtualBox-6.1.0-135406-Win.exe"
echo install Virtualbox Administrative rights will be required
cd \d %ENV_DIR%\downloads
echo download vagrant
cd /d %ENV_DIR%\downloads
set DOWNLOAD_URL=https://releases.hashicorp.com/vagrant/2.2.3/vagrant_2.2.3_x86_64.msi
powershell -Command "Invoke-WebRequest %DOWNLOAD_URL% -OutFile %ENV_DIR%\downloads\vagrant_2.2.3_x86_64.msi"
echo install vagrant
cd \d %ENV_DIR%\downloads
msiexec.exe /a vagrant_2.2.3_x86_64.msi /qb TARGETDIR=%ENV_DIR%\vagrant64
Create a launcher
echo use the _cmd.bat file in the repository
Create a folder for the vms
mkdir %ENV_DIR%\vm
\ No newline at end of file
set ENV_DIR=%CD%
set CYGWIN_PATH=%ENV_DIR%\cygwin64\bin
set VAGRANT_PATH=%ENV_DIR%\vagrant64\HashiCorp\Vagrant\bin
cmd /k "echo Cmd configured for %ENV_DIR% project "
echo this place the create machines in the experiment folder
Vboxmanage setproperty machinefolder "%ENV_DIR%\vm"
echo remember to reset ot the original values after the experiment
echo Vboxmanage setproperty machinefolder "%%USERPROFILE%%\.VirtualBox"
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