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# Contributing to Graphene

If you found a bug (which I'm sure there will be plenty), or if you want
to add your own pet feature, then follow these steps:

 1. Fork the [ebassi/graphene]( repo
 2. Fix bugs or add new features and push them to your clone
 3. Open [a new issue](
 4. Open [a pull request](
 5. Wait for me to give feedback on the pull request
 6. Celebrate when your code gets merged

That's pretty much it.

Please, respect the coding style when writing patches for Graphene. The
coding style can be immediately gleaned from the existing code, but here is
a short version:

 * Indentation is made of spaces, and only spaces — **no tabs**
 * Each indentation level is 2 spaces
 * Curly braces for blocks go on a separate indentation level
  * Except for functions
 * Do not use curly braces for single-statement blocks
 * When declaring or defining a function, arguments go on separate
 * When calling a function never break a line between the function
   name and the opening parenthesis, and between the opening parenthesis
   and the first argument
 * Leave a space between functions and parenthesis

A more comprehensive coding style document is available in the `docs`